Full Service Agronomy

Ranek Ag provides agronomy expertise to help your bottom line by inspecting your soil composition and providing insightful advice on soil building and crop protection to help increase your yield. We offer on-site soil testing to measure the minerals and micro-nutrients to tailor a plan that will help you get the most out your field come harvest.

Strip-Till Specialty

With our 16 and 24 row strip tillers, we have the flexibility to operate in the Fall or Spring. Strip till is a conservation system that uses a minimum tillage. It combines the soil drying and warming benefits of conventional tillage in the spring, with the soil protecting advantages of no till by disturbing only the portion of the soil that is to contain the seed row while placing the nutrients in the zone where it is readily available for that plant. 

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  • Soil Testing

    Soil Testing

    We quickly test and return soil results so you can make informed decisions on every field every time.

  • Zone Building


    We offer zone-based precision technology to analyze soil samples to apply the right products to the right areas of the field.

  • Precision Planting

    Precision Planting Practices

    We make recommendations for proper seed and fertilizer placement, along with application.

  • Harvest Monitoring

    Harvest Monitoring

    We do weigh checks of crops and evaluate the results with the farming practices for the year.

  • Spring & Fall Strip-Tilling

    Spring & Fall Striptilling

    We specialize in strip-tilling to manage soil moisture and nutrient uptake for your crop.

  • Yearly Evaluations

    Yearly Evaluations

    We offer yearly evaluations to help clients determine business decisions and harvest and planting success.

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